UMass Medical School offers tips on overcoming group facilitation problems
October 28, 2014
UMass Medical School offers tips on how to overcome problems during group facilitation

Sherry Campanelli, program compliance manager, and Laura Newhall, clinical training coordinator, from UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, share some tips on how to successfully navigate problems that may occur during group facilitation in a recent post for AEA365.

Who We are

UMass Medical School's Disability Evaluation Services provides public agency and private industry clients with a wide range of services and supports throughout the disability detemination process - whether it is for state benefits such as Medicaid or help with SSDI applications and appeals.

Our goal is to provide our clients with accessible and cost-effective solutions. We aim to expedite the process and improve services for benefits.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, we focus on providing you with high quality, customer-centric service.

We can help clients with:

  • Disability determinations
  • Disability benefit and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Consulting and infrastructure support
  • In-depth, onsite or remote training
  • Assistance in reducing backlog

    Projects and Publications

    November 19, 2013

    The Ranges of Work Vocational Training was developed for the Ohio Employee Health Partnership.  This training was designed to give a high level overview of the state Medicaid vocational review as it relates to interpreting physical and mental residual functional capacity (RFC) forms and to introduce physical and mental capacity ranges.